Town hall 8 base – Best TH8 layout Clash of Clans

Town hall 8 baseLayout Town Hall 8 base Clash of Clans is successfully attacked by the enemy, both ground and air forces. At the initial stage of the development of TH8 base, players quite often attack the Dragons, and at the final stage of the development of the base of the TH8, the players use the Valkyrie, Wizards and Golems attacks, which are more effective when the base is protected by three air defense level 6. When choosing a base layout for TH 8, you should follow the recommendations outlined below. Read more …


Best town hall 8 war base

Town hall 8 war base
Town hall 8 war base
Town hall 8 war base
Town hall 8 war base
Town hall 8 war base
Town hall 8 war base

Best town hall 8 trophy base

Town hall 8 trophy base
Town hall 8 trophy base
Town hall 8 trophy base
Town hall 8 trophy base

Town hall 8 base best defense

Town hall 8 defense base
Town hall 8 defense base
Town hall 8 defense base
Town hall 8 defense base

Town hall 8 farming base

Town hall 8 farming base
Town hall 8 farming base

How to choose a Town Hall 8 base?


  • Air Defense must be dispersed evenly around the circumference.
  • All air defense facilities should be located closer to the center of the base’s deployment and should be covered by resource storeges, i.e. The storage facilities are located in the zone of the radius of the air defense.
  • The Clan Castle and the Barbarian King should be located in close proximity to the Air Defense, as the reinforcements and the King distract the Dragons and promote their dispersal and destruction.
  • The Air Sweeper must be directed to a less protected Air Defense, provoking an attack from the more secure side of the deployment of the TH8 base.
  • Air Bombs are grouped in one place – this allows you to injure a group of dragons by 1/4 of the health reserve or immediately destroy a group of Air Balloons 6 lvl.
  • Seeking Air Mines are paired and placed in front of Air Defense – this allows you to immediately destroy the Dragon 3 lvl.


  • The Clan Castle must be located in the middle of the base placement, and some of the defensive structures should be placed along the circumference of the border of the radius of protection of the CC. This greatly complicates the luring of reinforcements.
  • The Bomb Tower is housed in conjunction with the Giant Bombs – this allows you to significantly damage the 5th-level Giants or Valkyrie 2 level.
  • Grouping of the Giant Bomb and 6 Bombs allows you to take away more than half of the health of the Giants group 5 lvl or Valkyrie 2 lvl.
  • Traps Springs should not be grouped with bombs, but should be placed separately or in front of them.
  • There should be voids in the base placement to mask traps.

If you were able to take into account all the above tips and recommendations when selecting or building a TH8 layout, then be sure that the best placement of the TH8 base of the Clash of Clans for clan war is guaranteed!

COC base elements of town hall 8

1.Town Hall 8Town Hall18
2.Clan Castle Town Hall 8Clan Castle14
3.Laboratory Town Hall 8Laboratory16
4.Builder's Hut Town Hall 8Builder’s Hut4-5
5.Army camp Town Hall 8Army Camp46
6.Elixir Collector Town Hall 8Elixir Collector612`
7.Gold Mine Town Hall 8Gold Mine612
8.Dark Elixir Drill Town Hall 8Dark Elixir Drill23
9.Elixir Storage Town Hall 8Elixir Storage311
10.Gold Storage Town Hall 8Gold Storage311
11.Dark Elixir Storage Town Hall 8Dark Elixir Storage14
12.Spell Factory Town Hall 8Spell Factory13
13.Dark Spell Factory Town Hall 8Dark Spell Factory12
14.Barracks Town Hall 8Barracks410
15.Dark Barracks Town Hall 8Dark Barracks24
16.Mortar Town Hall 8Mortar46
17.Wizard Tower Hall 8Wizard Tower36
18.Archer Tower Town Hall 8Archer Tower510
19.Bomb Tower Town Hall 8Bomb Tower12
20.Cannon Town Hall 8Cannon510
21.Air Defense Town Hall 8Air Defense36
22.Air Sweeper Town Hall 8Air Sweeper14
23.Hidden Tesla Town Hall 8Hidden Tesla36
24.Barbarian King Town Hall 8Barbarian King110
25.Wall Town Hall 8Wall2258
26.Air Bomb Town Hall 8Air Bomb43
27.Seeking Air Mine Town Hall 8Seeking Air Mine21
28.Giant Bomb Town Hall 8Giant Bomb33
29.Spring Trap Town Hall 8Spring Trap63
30.Bomb Town Hall 8Bomb65
31.Skeleton Trap Town Hall 8Skeleton Trap22


TROOPS COC town hall 8

TROOPSmax lvl.
5.Wall Breaker5
12.Hog Rider4
15.Lightning Spell5
16.Healing Spell5
17.Rage Spell5
18.Poison Spell2
19.Earthquake Spell2


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